Q: Is there public transportation to the fairgrounds?

A:  YES! There are many alternatives to driving to the People’s Fair. RTD, Denver’s local bus and rail system, offers many convenient routes no matter where you are in the metro area. The Light Rail, 16th Street Mall Shuttle, and the Broadway Bus Terminal (NE corner of Colfax and Broadway) are all within a short walk to the fairgrounds. For more information or a schedule please contact RTD at 303-299-6000 or www.rtd-denver.com.

We also would highly encourage attendees to ride their bikes to the People’s Fair!  Secure bike valet parking is available for a small donation – please see the People’s Fair Greening page or maps page on our website with updated bike parking information.

Q: Where is the best place to park during the weekend of the Fair?

A: If you opt to drive to the People’s Fair, there are many parking lots and garages near the People’s Fair.  Parking Panda can help you find close parking and you can even reserve a parking space ahead of time.  No more searching for parking once you arrive!

Q: Is there a place to lock up my bicycle?

A: YES! Take the family for a bike ride through the beautiful neighborhoods of Capitol Hill and then safely leave your bike at the Bike Corral.  Please check our Greening page or maps page for more information on the Bike Corral!

Q: May I bring my dog?

A: PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME. The fairgrounds are unkind to pets and may scare or even injure your pet. The large crowds and hot ground are no place for unprotected paws and there will be no water available for pets unless purchased. The City and County of Denver will hold liable any owner of a pet who injures or causes death to another. Please be smart and leave all pets in the safety of your home.  Of course, service dogs are the exception to this rule!

Q: Where do I purchase tickets for food and beverages?

A: The People’s Fair uses a ticket system for purchases of food and beverages. Before purchasing food or beverages, all fairgoers need to exchange cash for tickets at one of seven ticket booths located throughout the fairgrounds. Menu items range from 5 to 20 tickets. Tickets are eight for $5.00.

Q: Who are Community Partners?

A: The People’s Fair is a community-based event with the mission of funding community nonprofit programs and organizations, and improving the quality of life in Greater Capitol Hill through CHUN programs, events, outreach, and advocacy. All of the beverage booths at the People’s Fair are staffed by volunteers from various nonprofit organizations. These organizations receive a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the soft drink, mixed drinks, and beer products they offer. Please support these organizations by visiting our beverage booths for a refreshing drink.

Q: Where are the Information Booths located on the fairgrounds?

A: For the last few years, the information booths have been combined with the Souviner booths located near the corner of Broadway and Colfax, and near the corner of 14th and Bannock.  Due to an evolving event layout (footprint), the Information/Souviner Booths sometimes are moved.  Please see our maps page or printed directory, available at all festival entrances, for the location of the Information Booths. There you can get detailed information, stage schedules, souvenirs and more.

Q: What if I’ve Lost or Found an item at the Fair?

A: If you have lost an item while visiting the People’s Fair please call our office at 303-830-1651.

If you found an item while visiting the People’s Fair please visit one of the two Information Booths or call 303-830-1651.  Found items may also be dropped off at the Exhibitor Relations tent near the center of the park.

Q: May I petition or solicite at the People’s Fair?

A: No. For the safety and consideration of our fairgoers, petitioners and product samplers are not allowed on the fairgrounds. However, there are prearranged opportunities for some samplers, that we feel our fairgoers will enjoy, to hand out samples of products during the Fair.  For information on becoming a Sampling Sponsor, please contact Andrea Furness. Sampling opportunities are limited to avoid a conflict with People’s Fair food vendors.

Q: What is the weather like in Colorado during the People’s Fair?

A: Mid 80′s and sunny with a calm breeze. That’s what we are hoping for but the fact is, predicting Colorado weather is an interesting challenge. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring sun screen and sunglasses. Colorado’s weather is ever changing and can be sudden and unexpected.

Q: May I bring my alcoholic beverages off the fairgrounds?

A: NO!  Alcohol must remain on the fairgrounds; security will ask you to dispose of any alcoholic beverages before you leave. Please also be considerate of our neighboring communities and dispose of any waste in appropriate containers before leaving the fairgrounds.

Q: Are the fairgrounds accessible for disabled visitors?

A: YES! The majority of our fairgrounds are accessible to visitors with mobility concerns. All exhibitor booths are on flat streets and access to the middle of Civic Center Park is available at each of the four corners. The fairgrounds do get crowded and the streets may have unforeseen hazards such as potholes or mounds. Early hours of the Fair are recommended for disabled or elderly visitors.

Q: What does it cost to get into the People’s Fair?

A: That’s easy! The People’s Fair is FREE for all to enjoy!!

Q: Where is the nearest handicap parking located and the cost for the Peoples Fair?

A: Disabled parking is available in parking lots that surround the People’s Fair fairgrounds.  The People’s Fair cannot control parking fees at surrounding privately owned lots and costs vary.  Parking Panda can help you find close parking and you can even reserve a parking space ahead of time.  No more searching for parking once you arrive!

Q: Will strollers and/or wheel chairs be available for rent and use at the fair?

A: The People’s Fair will not have strollers or wheel chairs for fairgoers use. Please provide the necessary means for you or your loved ones while visiting the Fair and travel the fairgrounds safely. We encourage families with young children, the elderly and disabled patrons to visit the Fair during the early hours of operation. It will most likely be cooler temperatures and the walk-ways will be less crowded for you to enjoy all the Fair has to offer.

Q: Do you need tickets for the carnival rides, crafts, etc.?

A: Yes. Tickets are needed for rides, food & beverages.  All fairgoers need to exchange cash for tickets at one of seven ticket booths located throughout the fairgrounds. Tickets are eight for $5.00.

Q: What can be taken into the fair?

A: We encourage fairgoers to pack a small bag with sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, additional water (although water is available for purchase), and appropriate clothing for the ever-changing weather. Fairgoers may pack a picnic (although food is available for purchase) or bring a blanket to relax in the park. PLEASE LEAVE PETS AT HOME.

Q: Can you catch a ride from Cherry Creek to the People’s Fair?

A: SURE! RTD-Denver offers multiple bus routes throughout the Denver area. Please visit www.rtd-denver.com for route and scheduling.

Q: How do I go about becoming an exhibitor at the People’s Fair?

A: Visit our How to Participate page for more information or call our office at 303-830-1651.

Q: Do you have to be 21 years old to attend the People’s Fair?

A: People of all ages are welcome to attend the People’s Fair. However, those wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages must be over 21 years old.

Q: Will the event be held if it rains?

A: YES! The CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair is Rain or Shine! If it’s raining grab an umbrella or jacket and come brave the weather!

Q: How do I resize my photos to be submitted with my online application?

For Windows (XP, Vista, 7) with Microsoft Office:  1. Save a copy of the original photo, once you resize a photo it cannot be undone.  2. Open your copied photo (JPEG) with Microsoft Picture Manager  3. Click on the “Edit Pictures” button on the tools bar.  4. Under change picture size, you can choose to either Resize or compress your picture.  We recommend you compress your picture.

a. Click “Compress pictures”

i.  You will be given the option to compress the picture for a document, web or email.  As you click each option look at the “Estimated Total Size”, this will tell you what appropriate size you will compress your photo to.  Pick an option accordingly.  Compress your photo and save.

b.  Click “Re-Size”

i. You can now change the size of your photo to a predetermined width and heigh, a custom width and heigh (not recommended) or by a percentage of the original size.  Pick an option, resize your photo and save.

ii.  This will not tell you what the new size of your photo is.  You will need to look at the properties of the photo to know what your photo size is and you may have to re-size your photo several times before it is at the allowed upload size.

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