Something to Smile About

No one likes complicated phone bills? That’s why Cricket Wireless thought outside the box when developing their newest plan for customers. On May 18th, they launched a service with a reliable 4G LTE network, unlimited plans starting at $35 a month (after a $5 Auto Pay credit), and a loyalty program, all without an annual contract.  Cricket Wireless is dedicated to making phone service ‘Something to Smile About’! #STSA

Some extra features that Cricket Wireless offers their customers to add more value are:
• Savings of up to $90 a month for multiple-line accounts
• 4 lines for as little as $100 a month with a multi-line account
• Unlimited talk and text plan starting at $25 a month
• International calling plans starting at $15 a month
• Plans that include unlimited international texting

Be sure to stop by the Cricket Wireless booth at the corner of 14th and Broadway to learn more!


Also, consider grabbing a Coors Light and relaxing in front of the Cricket Wireless stage at the People’s Fair, June 7 & 8!


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