Please Refrain from…

Marijuana/Cigarettes/Pets: The People’s Fair is a family friendly event and therefore we ask that you refrain from smoking cigarettes and cigars inside the Fairgrounds.  Although Marijuana is now legal to purchase in Denver, if over 21 years of age, it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public and will not be allowed on the Fairgrounds of the People’s Fair.  Any person(s) who consumes marijuana at the People’s Fair will be asked to leave at the very least.  We also ask that you please Anna-Shepler-0200-1leave your pets at home.  The fairgrounds are unkind to pets and may scare or even injure your pet. The large crowds and hot ground are no place for unprotected paws and there will be no water available for pets unless purchased.  Please be smart and leave all pets in the safety of your home.  Of course, service dogs are the exception to this rule!


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