Let’s Paint the Town!

This is the 13th year the People’s Fair has coordinated what is call the Mural Project. The People’s Fair has always had a hand in the arts community, but why commission murals? I decided some research had to be done on the history of murals and how this program came about. Murals have a history of being an effective tool to draw attention to social issues, but are usually commissioned by a sponsor and aren’t seen until they are finished. This led me to one of the main reasons the People’s Fair started the Mural Project, to give young Denver artists a chance to create a mural, an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often due to the costs associated. The People’s Fair also felt that it would be a neat exhibit for fairgoers to be able to watch a mural being created from beginning to end, on-site during the Fair.

This year the People’s Fair Mural Project has six talented teams ready to participate:

 Colorado’s Finest
Boys & Girls Club – Wilfley
Access Gallery
WNIG Art Education
Challenge Denver
Wyatt Edison Charter School

Each team will complete a mural on this year’s theme: Celebrating Community – What is Community to you? To prepare, the People’s Fair will host monthly meetings and a kick-off party, where popular Denver muralists will give advice, guidance and most importantly answer any questions the teams may have.

Fairgoers not only watch the murals being created on-site at the People’s Fair (June 7th & 8th), they are also encouraged to vote on their favorite mural. Once the murals are complete awards are given for People’s Choice and Judges Choice.

Don’t miss this unique experience at the People’s Fair…but if you do, don’t worry – all the murals will be showcased for a month at Access Gallery (909 Santa Fe Dr. Denver) starting June 20th.


 If you have more questions or what to get involved with the 2014 Mural Project, contact Katherine Sutton (katherinesutton@chundenver.org)


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