Hair, Mayer and More!

Drew Schofield BandThe Drew Schofield Band blew us away with their vocals and good looks. Drew writes all his own songs, drawing inspiration from emotional experiences and other artists, such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer. While his band, made up of Dan (Bass Guitar), Ric (electric Guitar) and Nate (drummer), helps arrange the music. When asked what made you get into music, Ric said, “the minute I heard the first Kiss album, Detroit Rock City really did it for me”, while Drew grew up with a singer/song writer mother and sang on one of her albums at the age of 9. The Drew Schofield band is local to Denver and has been together for about 3 years. Many of the band members have been playing the Denver/Boulder scene for decades. Drew recently had a once in a life time experience during a gig in San Francisco. John Mayer crashed the show and played all of Drew’s songs with him on stage – it is a memory Drew will never forget. Lastly, we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to ask Drew about his lovely locks, what shampoo does he use? Much to the disappointment of girls everywhere, he said he just uses whatever his WIFE uses.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook ( or Instagram #UMXRocks for a live video taken at the UMX.


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