2MX2 se dejaron caer la greña! That’s right, they Rocked the UMX!

The band has been together for 5-6 years and used to be called “2012”, but after that name proved too difficult for people to find online, they changed to the roman numerals for that name, “2MX2”.  They love the independent music movement and draw a lot of inspiration from musicians such as Hobson and Tech-9.  They love to tell stories with their music in a bilingual hip hop style and hope to be one of the bands chosen to play at the People’s Fair this year.  They have always wanted a chance to play and are excited to be a part of the Ultimate Music Xperience.

2MX2 - umx2014Check 2MX2 out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/2MX2CO)


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