Let’s make Colorado the “Healthiest State”!

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) is excited to announce that this year’s CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair will include a Health and Wellness area.  This new activation will help promote a campaign to make Colorado the “Healthiest State” – a goal of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

The People’s Fair Health & Wellness area will focus on several goals: nutrition and exercise, stress management, disease prevention and mental health care.  Over 30 participating sponsors, vendors, practitioners, nonprofit organizations, and the 9Health Fair are coming together to promote healthy living through health screenings, demonstrations of yoga, Pilates, reiki, and self defense, as well as nutritional demos offered by Whole Foods Market and the Nourished Health Center.  Information on the Affordable Care Act will also be available for fairgoers.

The Health & Wellness initiative at this year’s People’s Fair will also include a campaign by Cricket Communications, a corporate sponsor of the People’s Fair, to get attendees to pledge to not text and drive.  Additionally, the People’s Fair Mural Project, a live art competition between at-risk youth groups, will focus around the theme:  “Health and Wellness: Be Your Best Self.”

The People’s Fair Health & Wellness area is located in the promenade right off Broadway on the west side of the street, between 14th Ave. and Colfax.  A schedule for the nutrition and exercise demos will be available onsite the festival as well as on our website: http://www.peoplesfair.com.

We also want to thank all the participants in this effort!

9Health Fair

5280 Chiropractic

Rebecca Schonebaum

Ananda Wellness Center

Avicenna Acupuncture

Blue Orchid Massage

Center for Integrative Botanical Studies

Chair Reiki: David Bartlett


Denver Public Health

Dianna Damask Tai Chi

Exempla Breast Care Center

IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado

Improve Mental Wellness

Integrative Life Services

Life in Perfect Balance

Maximized Living

Metro Crisis Services

Nourished Health Center

Nourished Health Cooking School

Nourished Health Nutrition

Pilates In The Rockies

Runa Tea

Sacred Song Sound Healing, LLC

Sarah Griisser Yoga

The Colorado Trust c/o Black Diamond Outreach

The Stress Less Coach

The WILL Institute

Turtle Mountain Healing

Unification Point

Whole Foods Market Denver


Z Health: PowerHour Elite Performance


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