Mural Project Highlights from Last Year and Looking on to 2013!

One of our favorite parts of the People’s Fair each year is the People’s Fair street side MURAL PROJECT.  Thousands of fair goers have the opportunity to see some of our most talented local youth  join together to create 4×6 murals in this live team painting competition that takes place throughout People’s Fair weekend! The mural project is an opportunity for the youth in our community to practice positive self expression, learn to work together in teams, and build confidence.



Colorado’s Finest with their mural at the 2012 People’s Fair (PEOPLES CHOICE WINNING TEAM)



YNIG Art Education Program with their mural at the 2012 People’s Fair (JUDGES CHOICE WINNING TEAM)


Humanex Academy with their mural the the 2012 People’s Fair


Colorado Youth at Risk with heir mural at the 2012 People’s Fair

This year we hope to bring on new groups of students from Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School, YNIG Art Education Program, Colorado Youth at Risk, Humanex Academy, Access Gallery, Urban Peak and the Boys and Girls Club Wilfley Branch to participate in the mural art competition at the People’s Fair! We can’t wait to see what these talented groups have in store for us this year!

The theme this year will have a health focus.  We are asking the teams to interpret what healthy living, and Colorado becoming the “Healthiest State’ looks like.  We can’t WAIT to see what they come up with! As a fair goer you are encouraged to drop by the mural project, and cast a vote for your favorite mural 10am-9pm on  Saturday June 1, and 10am-12:30pm on Sunday June 2. 

Additionally- we are excited to announce that new this year the winning two teams will have the opportunity to share a vendor booth at the People’s Fair in 2014 to sell their artwork and promote their artistic talents.  

For more information on the Mural Project please email

Happy Friday!


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