Green Up Denver!

The Capitol Hill People’s Fair is among four founding Denver events participating in a long-term environmental sustainability effort to “Green Up Denver” with the support from Whole Foods Market.  Also participating are: Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver Pridefest and the Denver County Fair.  Each of the four festivals was tasked with determining set goals in terms of waste diversion and green practices and a corresponding budget.  The People’s Fair has set a goal to divert 40% of the waste from the festival from the landfill.  “We are hoping that the thoughtful planning into every aspect of greening our event will pay off” said Roger Armstrong, Executive Director.

The People’s Fair green efforts started in 2008, each year since expanding little by little both in on-site visibility and pre-fair planning and education.  As a result, what began as a small part of the fair as an effort to be environmentally conscious has now permeated into every aspect of the People’s Fair.  “We are grateful for the support of Whole Foods Market in makin our goals a bit more achievable”, added Armstrong.

This June 2 and 3 the People’s Fair will be the first “Green Up Denver” event to unveil their sustainability efforts made possible by Whole Foods Markets.

The 2012 Green Up People’s Fair effort will include:

– Front of house recycling and composting.  We will have 200 recycling bins located throughout the fair, as well as 50 compost bins concentrated in and around the food courts and picnic areas of the fair.

-The Green Squad volunteers will be easily identified on-site with super stylish retro “Green Up Denver” sunglasses and green t-shirts made of green plastic soda pop bottles thanks to Earthspun Apparel!  These dedicated volunteers will help educate fairgoers on the importance of composting and recycling and help them identify whether or not their waste can be composted or recycled.

– All of the printed material has been printed on recycled paper using vegetable dye ink

– Universal signage will tie together the Green Up Denver events, with “Official Green Vendor” signs, distinguishable roll-off signage, compost and recycle bin signage all created by Whole Foods Markets to be shared between events.

– Styrofoam has been completely banned from use at the People’s Fair since 2011 because it never decomposes.

– Extra promotion and signage will be awarded to “Green Food Vendors” that commit to set green practices such as sourcing their products from local farmers, using compostable food vessels, not using individual condiment packages, etc.

– New bags and purses will be created out of the reclaimed dated banners that can’t be used again.

– The 2012 People’s Fair Mural Project will feature a “Green Up” theme! 7 youth organizations will be painting their interpretation of “Green Up“!

– Corks from the wine pavilion will all be reused to create corkboards, coasters and hot plates.

– A GREEN Zone at the People’s Fair will feature non-profit organizations with a focus on sustainability and the environment

– There will be a blender bike in the GREEN Zone where fairgoers can literally see reusable energy at work!

– The People’s Fair is exploring a pilot reusable mug program.  This year the limited Green Up mug will be available for sale at one souvenir booth, with the hopes to expand the mug program in future years and to encourage fairgoers to reuse whenever they can.

– The People’s Fair is grateful to have the Denver Energy Challenge as a sponsor!  They will be on site at the People’s Fair in two locations talking to people about how they can significantly lower their energy usage and save money by doing so!

Please help to make our fair more green by utilizing the compost and recycle bins!

Stay tuned and stay involved…..


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