Spotlight: Green Area Part 1

As you all know, we have been working hard to make this years 41st Annual Capitol Hill People’s Fair more green.  We have partnered with Whole Foods in collaboration with Green Up Denver to create a more sustainable event.  As part of our green initiative we will again be featuring local Earth-friendly non-Profits in our dediated Green Area (located in the Center of the Park in between the CHUN stage and the seal pond)! This area is dedicated to any and all things green with the intent to provide resources for fairgoers looking for ways to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. The Green Area will also feature the check-in location for our Green Police (volunteer team).  We hope that by keeping this ever important issue at the forefront of fairgoers experience more and more people will adopt green practices. 

eGo Car Share – this company provides energy-efficient vehicles that you can use and you pay per trip.  This is very convenient for folks who don’t own a car, and they are conveniently stationed usually near transits and bike facilities! Want to learn more about eGo Car Share? Come say Hi to them and see one of their cars at the People’s Fair!

USEPA (US Envrionmental Protection Agency) – USEPA’s mission is protect human health and our envrionment.  They want to make sure all American’s are protected from any significant risks to the environment and human health.  They also take national efforts to reduce the envrionmental risk.  There are so many ways the EPA accomplishes this mission!  Stop by their booth to see what steps they take to protect your health and the envrionment!

Southern Plains Land Trust – SPLT utilizes the strategy of land aquisition and resoration by coupling that with a strong outreach program and support for public lands reform.  The do this because SPLT sees the need to preserve the declining shortgrass prairie ecosystems of the Great Plains.  To find out how you can help preserve the shortgrass prairie ecosystem stop by their booth!

Stay tuned and Stay involved…


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