Spotlight: CHUN volunteer of the year – Ted Heckel


42 years ago, CHUN was founded by a hard-working group of volunteers who wanted to make Capitol Hill a better place for those who live and work in the neighborhood.  Volunteers have always been the core of CHUN’s existence.  From the Board of Delegates to the 3 committees of People’s Fair volunteers, to the countless event day volunteers for the fair, everything that this organization does is made possible because of our passionate volunteer support.

Ted Heckel has been volunteering for CHUN for 20 years, first with the entertainment committee of the People’s Fair, helping to organize the selection of the People’s Fair bands, managing stages at the fair, seeing to the needs of the artists, and much more.  A few years ago we asked Ted to join the People’s Fair Steering Committee, and asked him to support the Volunteer Hospitality Tent.  Ted has been a tremendous help in supporting our volunteers and making sure that meals are delivered to entertainment volunteers who aren’t able to leave their posts during their shifts. 

Most recently, Ted joined with our staff to help set up, run, and tear down at our CHUN events such as National Night Out, the CHUN Wine Tasting, the Pub Crawl, Snack Attack, and the Holiday Open House.  No task is ever too big or too small for Ted, and he is always full of enthusiasm and a positive attitude, helping to assure our events are successful.  Most recently, Ted dressed up as Santa, in a suit he purchased for the occasion, to surprise a group of under-privileged children at a Whittier neighborhood Day Care and Early Learning Center. “Santa Ted” was a huge hit, taking the time to hand out donated gifts and candy canes and pose for pictures with the kids, their parents, and the teachers! 

Above all, Ted believes in the mission of CHUN and the People’s Fair.  He knows how his time makes a difference and for these reason and many more, Ted is our Outstanding Volunteer and 2011 Good Neighbor Awardee.

Thank you Ted for all of your dedication and hard work!

Stay tuned and stay involved….


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