Spotlight: Pony Express

Pony Express is a local family business working out of Longmont, Colorado.  They travel to events, fairs, birthday parties and more!  With the convenience of coming to your location, Pony Express is the perfect business to choose when it comes to petting zoos and pony rides!  If you don’t want to worry about choosing a location for the event, Pony Express will also host events and parties at their location!

Pony Express petting zoo is “unique as most of the animals are rescues and are residents of Old McDonald Barnyard Animal Rescue”!  With part of their profit going to this very rescue to help abused and neglected animals. 

This is the first year Pony Express will be participating in the People’s Fair!

Nicole Bell of Pony Express shared some of her thoughts in participating in this years People’s Fair:

How many years have you been in business, and what do you love about being a family business?  “We bought Pony Express 3 years ago, and love being able to work together as a family.  Our children love to help out with the training and daily care of our ponies and animals”.

What intrigued you or made Pony Express want to participate in the People’s Fair?  “It is such a large, fun-filled event where we will have the opportunity to meet many people from the Denver area”.

You will be able to find Pony Express and their loving animals in the Kids and Family Area!


                   Stop by and say hi to this new participant in the fair!


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