Friday Recap 3/23: All Things People’s Fair

We just keep getting busier here at CHUN and in case you have missed our updates, here is What is Happening Now:

It is officially spring! With that said, we have 70 days until this years People’s Fair!

  • UMX is tomorrow and Sunday, March 24th & 25th at Bender’s 13th Ave Tavern.  We have some amazing sponsors this year at UMX- Dog House Music, Fox31, Happy Llama, Panera Bread, Pepsi, MillerCoors, Steve’s Snappin Dogs, The Onion and 99.5 The Mountain!  We couldn’t be more thankful for all of our sponsors!  Come on down to Bender’s and say “Hi” to your CHUN staff.  While you are there, listen to some great local bands battle it out for a spot in the 41st Annual Capitol Hill People’s Fair.  This FREE event is for everyone! All ages are welcome!
  • We have some band spotlights on our blog: The Foot. Caleb Slade and Emma Henry.  These artists are working hard to make it in the music world while bringing their fans original songs and music.  Each artist has their own flair added to their songs making them all unique.  You don’t want to miss these artists at UMX or any of our artists that will be performing!  Take a look at our UMX schedule to see who will be there!
  • Arts & Crafts and Sundry applications are due today.  The next group of applications will be for Non-Profit and Community Partners will be due March 30th!  If you would be interested in participating in the People’s Fair, get those applications in!
  • With all this UMX talk, please don’t forge to Register for Denver Ultra Dash!  Get your heart pumping and your laugh on as you race through the streets of Denver on a scavenger hunt!  This event benefits the Green Up Denver initiative!  Another way to help the Green Up Denver Initiative is to shop at Whole Foods on April 4th! 5% of net sales will also go to this initiative!  Shop Tamarac, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Washington Park or Colordado Blvd Whole Foods.

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Stay tuned and stay involved…..


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