UMX Spotlight: Caleb Slade

Caleb Slade is not new to the music world.  You may have heard him in the early years of the Fray.  But that was then, and Caleb Slade is now.  With an EP album out, Victory in Defeat, this Denver local has been writing music for over 10 years.  It wasn’t until 2009 though that he began to perform his songs.  In an interview with Clixie, Caleb says, “At my shows, you can expect thoughtful and memorable lyrics backed by rhythmic. driving piano parts” (2011).

Caleb did not always have aspirations to be a musician.  He graduated college with a degree in philosophy and was ready to head to law school.  However, after meeting with a life coach, he realized his true passion.  Music.  Though he came from the Fray, do not let that emotional pop style music confuse you with the stoic, rational music portrayed in Caleb’s lyrics.  For more on Caleb, check out his interview in Westword or on his website: Caleb Slade 

Caleb can be heard on our Onion Stage on Sunday March 25th at 1:50pm.


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