Spotlight: Mural Project- Urban Peak

As the 41st People’s Fair approaches, and a new group of youth organizations are considered for participation in the fair’s 11th annual LIVE art competition, we wanted to take the time to highlight one of the organizations that has been with us from the beginning. 

Opening it’s doors in 1988 with what started as a drop-in center for youth, Urban Peak now offers youth a safe place to stay overnight, food, medical services, life skills classes, housing options, referals to services, GED training and so many more services that make Urban Peak Denver an amazing organization.  In 1991, they became a national model for HIV education, and over the years have won many awards including the Martin Luther King Jr Social Responsibility Award.  

Consistency is not something the staff and volunteers at Urban Peak are familiar with.  Each day brings a new set of challenges and often a new group of youth to engage.  Early planning and preparation for the People’s Fair Mural Project begins in March each year and goes through the fair (June 2 and 3).  Even though the Urban Peak Mural team that initially begins the brainstorming and conceptualizing creative process in March and the team that ultimately brings the mural to life on site at the People’s Fair in June are almost always a completely different group of individuals each year- one thing is consistent.   The spirit and determination of the Urban Peak team is always alive and well.  The People’s Fair is honored to work with such a wonderful organization.

If you want to learn more about Urban Peak Denver or to volunteer, please, check out their website  If you would like more information regarding the People’s Fair Mural Project, you may email

Here is the mural project Urban Peak youth created last year for the 40th Annual Capitol Hill People’s Fair! 

Urban Peak created a mural “Legacy”

We hope to see Urban Peak Denver again this year in the 41st Annual Capitol Hill People’s Fair!

Stay tuned, and stay involved….

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