We experienced some technical challenges on Friday here at the People’s Fair office- and our internet was down all weekend.  Today- we are happy to be back online, and decided to celebrate with a little update for everyone! We had a great listening party on Saturday.  Our entertainment committee and staff spent the day emersed in local musical talent from across the state that applied to perform at the People’s Fair. 

We often get asked- ‘what exactly do you do at the listening party?’  To answer this question- the listening party is a day where the People’s Fair staff and the entertainment committee listen to all the bands that have applied- this year a record 307 bands and solo musicians applied!  It is essentially a marathon of music!  We would love to express a huge thank you to all the bands that sent in applications and music!  We were incredibly impressed with the calibur of talent, and are looking forward to the best entertainment line-up yet!

All of the bands are scored at the listenting party, and the top scoring bands are invited to the Ultimate Music Xperience LIVE auditions!!  The UMX will be held March 24 & 25, 2012 at Benders 13th Avenue Tavern.  Save the date!!

For all those interested in participating in the arts and crafts or sundry at the 41st annual People’s Fair, applications can be found on our website and are due March 9th

If you know anyone who loves arts and crafts and loves to make handmade work, send them to our website to apply!

Have a great week!  Stay tuned and stay involved…..


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