People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Kimberley Rae Hansen

Kimberley Rae Hansen

Her first year went so well, digital artist Kimberly Rae Hansen will exhibit for the second time at the People’s Fair this summer.

“I had been attending as a consumer for a few years prior. My friend and fellow artist, Craig Mildrexler, recommended it as a good show to do, so finally, I applied,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly tells us “The fair has always been a good one. Large, friendly, fun. The quality of the booths has remained steady. I don’t know that it has changed so much as remained consistently good.

The energy at People’s Fair is a good, high one! Festive and jovial. Crowds are large, and the volunteers are always pleasant and helpful. It’s a great show to do, from an artist’s perspective.

Of Earth and Ice, Kimberley Rae Hansen

Kimberly also mentions growing relationships among artists in the community as a benefit to participating in the Fair. “The camaraderie between artists on the same block is wonderful. Spending time laughing and bonding with them as well as with the people that pass through the tent is always a pleasure. Building good relationships is key in life.”

As for why she elected to come back for another year, Kimberly says “The people behind the scenes do their best to keep things running smooth, and they do an excellent job. Artist care is good at this show. When you are made to feel important and cared for, as the folks at Peoples do for all their exhibitors, it keeps people coming back! I’m looking forward to another year of fun in the sun!”

Check out Kimberley Rae Hansen’s booth on Broadway at the People’s Fair June 4 & 5 (booth BW-09) download fair map here (PDF).


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