People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: The Tye Dye Guy

Paul and Cathy Johnson of the Tye Dye Guy have been exhibiting at the People’s Fair more than 12 years. Though the Fair has grown exponentially over the years, Paul and Cathy agree one thing that hasn’t changed is the overall tone of the event.

“The mood of the Fair is very carefree and festive.  Everyone seems to be happy.  Perhaps it’s the start of summer and everyone’s glad to be outside in the warm Colorado sun.  We have lots of customers who come back to see us year after year.  As for the volunteers, they’re the best.  We participate in lots of shows and have done hundreds over the years.  You won’t find a better group of volunteers and staff anywhere!” Paul and Cathy tell us.

After participating for so many years, the Johnsons have their share of funny memories…even though some of them weren’t so funny at the time.

“We have many fond memories of participating in People’s Fair, from the customers that we meet and the other vendors with whom we’ve formed friendships.  The most memorable event was a few years ago, we had just gotten set up on Friday and were on our way home when we got a call that our tent had been hit by a micro-burst downdraft and had blown down the street, racks, product and all.  We had to go back and re-set everything.  It wasn’t funny at the time, but we now laugh about it and will remember that day forever,” Paul and Cathy said.

Paul and Cathy tell us there are lots of reasons they keep coming back to the Fair.

“We love doing People’s Fair.  It’s the whole atmosphere- the customers, the volunteers, the summer sun, everything.  We look forward to it every year.”

Check out The Tye Dye Guy booth on Fourteenth at the People’s Fair June 4 & 5 (booth FT-54 & FT-55) download fair map here (PDF).


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