People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Ray Maseman

Ray Maseman

Though he no longer calls Denver home, printmaker Ray Maseman has been a huge fan of the People’s Fair for years and is excited to be participating in 2011.

“I’ve known about the People’s Fair for years, from back when I lived in Denver.  I started showing my work at fairs a couple years ago, and although I missed the deadline for People’s Fair last year, I stayed on top of it this year.  I wanted to be part of the excitement–a huge variety of arts and crafts and performances and people, all in my very favorit-est city.”

Check out Ray Maseman’s booth at on Fourtheenth Street at the People’s Fair June 4 & 5 (booth FT02) download fair map here (PDF).


One Comment on “People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Ray Maseman”

  1. Rhonda Gottlieb says:

    Ray Maseman is a rising star of allegory. I am enchanted by his work and story, caught in the moment of each piece. The stories are pivotal and poinyant, open to personal interpretation and growth. Still, revealing certain truths about each of us…

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