People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Benevolent Beadworks

Michael Tennant of Benevolent Beadworks will be participating in the People’s Fair for the fifth consecutive year.

“I found the Fair in the Craftmaster News,” Michael said, “And since 2006, overall the management has been consistent, and operations pretty smooth for the most part. Last year loading in and out of the show was particularly well-managed with no major delays.”

Michael says “folks at the Fair are for the most part friendly and interested in our product and do come back to say thanks from year to year. The volunteers are friendly and helpful and we definitely appreciate them.”

The Fair has proven to be profitable for Benevolent Beadworks as Michael tells us “One year sales were so brisk we could barely keep up. It seemed as though everyone had sent their friends to try our magnetic jewelry.”

The attendees and easiness to participate keep Benevolent Beads coming back.

“The Peoples Fair is a wonderful event and a great venue where we can reach the folks that can benefit from our product. We appreciate the opportunity to share and are looking forward to this 40th annual event,” Michael said.

Check out Benevolent Beadworks’ booth on Fourteenth Street at the People’s Fair June 4 & 5 (Booth FT41 & 42).  Download fair map here (PDF)


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