People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Beccavision

Though New York native Rebecca Fischer moved to Denver seven years ago, 2011 marks her first year as an exhibitor at the People’s Fair. A new artist on the Denver scene, Rebecca is excited to exhibit at such a family-friendly event.

“I’ve visited the Fair every year,” Rebecca said, “I feel the quality of products has really improved over the years and after being a visitor, I know my art will go well with the friendly people and families that come every year.”

Rebecca is a new Denver artist specializing in colorful, whimsical, affordable art

Check out her booth on Fourteenth Street at the People’s Fair June 4 & 5, (Booth FT70).  Download fair map here (PDF)


One Comment on “People’s Fair Vendor Spotlight: Beccavision”

  1. Thank you People’s Fair for letting everyone know I will be showing my art at 2011 People’s Fair. I am so excited to be able to add a lot of color to this year’s event and cannot wait to visit with all the friendly people we have in Denver. My art is guaranteed to make you smile!!! Make sure you come by Booth FT170!!!

    Rebecca Fischer

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