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Did you know that Entercom is one of the largest radio broadcast companies in the country? Whether you are in the mood to jam to today’s hits or timeless classics dating back to the 40s and 50s, Entercom’s four Denver-based stations provide the tunes that can satisfy just about any music-lover. The People’s Fair is very fortunate and excited to have all of these stations- Alice 105.9, 99.5 The Mountain, KOSI 101, and Studio 1430 – participating this year. Be sure to check out the radio booths and activities at the Fair. Who knows what might happen? You could leave with some cool swag or, create a fun, free kids activity.  You will have to come down to the Fair, June 7th & 8th and see!

Break The Ice

So let’s talk about our Colorado Avalanche team, whoot whoot! Can you believe they pulled out a win against the Minnesota Wild in overtime! The big ice breaker of the game was when Stastny scored the game-tying goal with only 14 seconds remaining in the game. Let’s hope they crush the competition in the second round of play-offs!

Speaking of ice breakers, NEW this year, Coors Light is going to be sold at the People’s Fair, whoot whoot!  And they recently premiered a BreakTheIce special edition Aluminum Pint. Have you tried it?

Hello My Name is…. Intern

This year the People’s Fair has four interns.  Let’s meet them!

JadaDavid - InternJordan

(Left to Right: Jada, David, Jordan – Photo Missing: Caty)

Jordan Gurrentz has a passion for music and the entertainment industry, which began at an early age. When he was just 9, he picked up the trombone and then later taught myself bass and guitar. After playing bass in multiple bands while in high school, Jordan starting building his career by booking for and managing multiple Denver-based bands. Later on, he studied advertising at The University of Texas in Austin while continuing his work in music. Now, with just over 6 years of working in the music business, Jordan is working toward his dream job of being a buyer for a large music festival. He is especially excited to be interning with CHUN because it will teach him about what goes into planning large festivals. With the short time he has been with CHUN, he has already learned certain aspects that go into these events that he wasn’t familiar with beforehand.  Jordan is excited to see what else he can learn during his time planning for the 2014 People’s Fair.

David Perkins is so pleased to be a part of this year’s Peoples Fair as an intern. He has never dreamt of being involved in a project like this before but some very fortunate doors have opened and he’s inclined to walk on through.  David is originally from Colorado and has recently returned from spending several years in central Florida.  David says, “It’s good to be back home. I can’t wait to get back on the golf course and gain back the yardage I lost at sea level.  See you at the Fair!”

Caty Carrico is a Denver-native.  She is currently a junior at the University of Denver where she is majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Political Science. Following her graduation Caty hope to pursue a career in Public Relations. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering for a variety of non-profit organizations and searching for the best chile rellenos in Denver. Caty is so excited to be interning for CHUN because it gives her the opportunity to go behind the scenes at one of her favorite summer traditions.  “Every summer I look forward to attending the People’s Fair and chowing down on frozen cheesecake and getting henna tattoos!”

Jada Triplett is the youngest intern CHUN has ever had, she is currently a junior at the Denver School of Science and Technology in Green Valley Ranch.  Jada has an older sister who is in college and a younger brother who is a middle school.   Jada is very interested in sports and traveling.  She plays basketball and volleyball, and went to Hawaii last year where she got the chance to play a little b-ball there.

Let’s Paint the Town!

This is the 13th year the People’s Fair has coordinated what is call the Mural Project. The People’s Fair has always had a hand in the arts community, but why commission murals? I decided some research had to be done on the history of murals and how this program came about. Murals have a history of being an effective tool to draw attention to social issues, but are usually commissioned by a sponsor and aren’t seen until they are finished. This led me to one of the main reasons the People’s Fair started the Mural Project, to give young Denver artists a chance to create a mural, an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often due to the costs associated. The People’s Fair also felt that it would be a neat exhibit for fairgoers to be able to watch a mural being created from beginning to end, on-site during the Fair.

This year the People’s Fair Mural Project has six talented teams ready to participate:

 Colorado’s Finest
Boys & Girls Club – Wilfley
Access Gallery
WNIG Art Education
Challenge Denver
Wyatt Edison Charter School

Each team will complete a mural on this year’s theme: Celebrating Community – What is Community to you? To prepare, the People’s Fair will host monthly meetings and a kick-off party, where popular Denver muralists will give advice, guidance and most importantly answer any questions the teams may have.

Fairgoers not only watch the murals being created on-site at the People’s Fair (June 7th & 8th), they are also encouraged to vote on their favorite mural. Once the murals are complete awards are given for People’s Choice and Judges Choice.

Don’t miss this unique experience at the People’s Fair…but if you do, don’t worry – all the murals will be showcased for a month at Access Gallery (909 Santa Fe Dr. Denver) starting June 20th.


 If you have more questions or what to get involved with the 2014 Mural Project, contact Katherine Sutton (katherinesutton@chundenver.org)

UMXRocks! – Thank you

The Capitol Hill People’s Fair would like to give a big shout out,

THANK YOU to our sponsors for the UMX:

dog house musicImageImagewestwordImageImageImageHappy LlamaImage

We would also like to thank our Steering Committee volunteers, the numerous bands that performed and all the supporters who came out to enjoy the show!

 Thank you

Our Generation

Our GenerationYou should be sad if you missed Our Generation at the UMX.  After an outstanding performance, we got the opportunity to interview them.  Although they are between 10 and 14 years old, they definitely have old soles…Classic Rock old soles.  BUT that was not the most surprising thing we learned.  As many might assume, they were not friends at school who decided to form a band.  They instead, were placed together as a band about 6-12 months ago by a company called Band Dynamics.  The band is made up of 5, dare I say it, kids – but you would never know they were kids, their professionalism and abilities are far beyond anything you might refer to as kid.  Abbey is the lead vocalist with her brother, Jude on guitar.  They must have been destined for rock-hood, as they were named after the Beatles songs, Abbey Road and Hey Jude. Along with Abbey and Jude, Dane plays the guitar, Jason handles the beat on drums, and Addie plays the bass guitar as well as sings vocals.  This 5-some gathers their influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fo Fighters and Fallout Boy, just to name a few.  Don’t you worry, if you missed it today, they play Denver gigs about 2-3 times a month, be sure to check them out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ourgenerationnation) to see when and where they are playing next.

Hair, Mayer and More!

Drew Schofield BandThe Drew Schofield Band blew us away with their vocals and good looks. Drew writes all his own songs, drawing inspiration from emotional experiences and other artists, such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer. While his band, made up of Dan (Bass Guitar), Ric (electric Guitar) and Nate (drummer), helps arrange the music. When asked what made you get into music, Ric said, “the minute I heard the first Kiss album, Detroit Rock City really did it for me”, while Drew grew up with a singer/song writer mother and sang on one of her albums at the age of 9. The Drew Schofield band is local to Denver and has been together for about 3 years. Many of the band members have been playing the Denver/Boulder scene for decades. Drew recently had a once in a life time experience during a gig in San Francisco. John Mayer crashed the show and played all of Drew’s songs with him on stage – it is a memory Drew will never forget. Lastly, we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to ask Drew about his lovely locks, what shampoo does he use? Much to the disappointment of girls everywhere, he said he just uses whatever his WIFE uses.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DrewSchofieldMusic) or Instagram #UMXRocks for a live video taken at the UMX.


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